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Cobalt is a game about cyborgs, weapons and super slow-mo evasive manoeuvres, including combat rolls, rail slides, rocket punches and wall jumps. When your robo is under threat - thanks to incoming bullets, grenades or boomerangs - time slows down, giving you a chance to pull off some super slick badassery without requiring the reactions of a star-nosed mole. You can play in single player, co-op, and local multiplayer for as many players as you have gamepads.

"It’s a hoot!" - Owen Hill

Radio Cobalt Episode 4
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Cobalt is a game by Oxeye Game Studio made in collaboration with Mojang. The music is composed by Anosou. Check the right side of the page for everyone’s twitter accounts and follow them, if you fancy.

Cobalt is in Alpha. That means you can pre-order it for the reduced price of €9.95, download the alpha (windows, mac), and play early.

We’ve hoovered up some Cobalt previews from around the web for your reading pleasure. Give them a read if you fancy, but bear in mind that some of the info might be outdated: IGN, Joystiq, PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun.

For the latest news, musings, videos and update info, check the blog!

Cobalt for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

A console version of Cobalt is currently in development for Xbox 360 and Xbox One by our partners at Fatshark AB. More info to come...

Development of the PC and Mac version is continuing as planned; the Oxeye team is still working very hard at making the best game possible.

Access the Alpha today

    It features:

  • Local multiplayer for as many players as you have gamepads
  • A healthy slice of single player
  • A level editor
  • Cute robos
  • Lots of upgradable guns
  • Slo-mo combat rolls and rocket punches
  • Hamster beasts

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Download Windows Alpha

124i ALPHA for Windows

Download Mac Alpha

124i ALPHA for Mac

    Reasons to Buy:

  • Alpha access for Windows and Mac today! Linux later
  • Get all future PC and Mac updates at no additional cost
  • Get the final game for a cheap-as-chips price when released.
  • You're supporting the ongoing development of Cobalt. What a nice thing to do
  • We will love you for it

Just in case you're not clear on what you're pre-ordering, here's our long-term plan...


  • That's now! Pre-order and download for windows or for mac
  • Local multiplayer on one machine
  • An intriguing slice of the single player and co-op adventure
  • A healthy sample of the level editor
  • Access to the Windows build
  • Pre-ordering costs €9.95


  • You still get the following if you pre-order today. Lovely.
  • A fully functional level editor
  • Even more of the single player/co-op adventure
  • Loads of maps and multiplayer game modes
  • Cobalt for Windows, Mac OS X
  • Pre-ordering will cost €14.95


  • That means the game is complete! Exciting!
  • You still get the following if you pre-order to Alpha today
  • Sexed-up level editor
  • Share your levels with other players via the in-game tools
  • Continous content through sharing tools for community adventures and levels
  • The entire single player/co-op adventure!
  • Cobalt for Linux
  • Cobalt will cost €19.95

Buy Cobalt


Download Windows Alpha

124i ALPHA for Windows

Download Mac Alpha

124i ALPHA for Mac

Buy Cobalt €9.95

Download Alpha

For Windows

For Mac



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